Testing and adjusting clutch freeplay

Figure 1

Fig. 1 (left)  Prepare gauge

For the testing and adjustment of the clutch freeplay, the gauge pictured on the left has to be prepared.

Dimensions: a = 8.5mm, b = 77 mm, c = 40 mm,
d = 6.5 mm, e = 4 mm thick

Figure 2

Fig. 2 (left)  Testing clutch freeplay

Remove vacuum hose from Servomotor. Measure the clearance between the clutch servo housing and the clutch adjusting sleeve with the 4 mm-thick strip. With the piston rod of the servo drawn completely out, if the dimension 'e' is 4 mm or greater, the clutch must be readjusted.

Figure 3

Fig. 3 (left)  Adjusting clutch freeplay

Remove the vacuum line from the Servomotor. Loosen the adjusting sleeve locknut and leave it.

The adjustment sleeve must then be turned 5 to 5.5 turns away from the locknut. Dimension 'd' (6.5 mm) refers to the distance between adjusting sleeve locknut and adjusting sleeve and can be measured with the second side of the adjustment gauge.

Screw the locknut up to the adjustment sleeve and tighten. Attach the vacuum hose and tighten the clamp.

The clutch is correctly adjusted if one can select gear noiselessly, and no slippage is detected during acceleration.

Caution: If the clutch has been adjusted, and the clutch arm rests on the clutch housing, no further adjustment is possible. The clutch plate is too worn and must be replaced.

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