Basic adjustment of the clutch (only after repairs)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Fig. 1 (top)  Installation of clutch arm

Push the clutch arm onto the clutch release shaft. With the clutch arm resting back against the clutch housing (arrow), lightly tighten the pitch bolt.

Fig. 2 (right)  Adjustment piston rod of the servo

Adjust Dimension 'a' = 8.5 mm und 'b' = 77 mm. Use the gauge as described in Testing and adjusting clutch freeplay.

Fig. 3 (right)  Adjustment piston rod of the servo

Completely depress the piston rod of the servo until it stops, and move the clutch arm towards the servo, until the distance between the eye of the lever and the eye of the servo piston rod are exactly Dimension 'c' = 40 mm apart. Completely tighten the pinch bolt of the clutch arm.

Figure 3

Fig. 4 (right)  Connecting piston rod of the servo

Connect the clutch arm to the servo piston rod fitting. Install a new plastic bushing, insert a clevis pin from the top, and use a washer and a new cotter pin on the bottom.

Figure 4

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