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While reading a lot of messageboards about VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia, I recognized the astonishing high number of questions conerning the semiautomatic transmission Stickshift. My Karmann Ghia Cabriolet also is equipped with this Stickshift, so I decided to create this homepage especially to publish all collected information and personal experiences about this topic.

But each Knowledge-Homepage is only as helpful, as it's readers and visitors allows. Therefore I kindly request you, the visitor of my homepage, to send me your personal experiences and all tricks but also photographs and contemporary manuals to my eMail-address (see below). Important: I'll collect and publish all your E-Mails, not only concerning the Stickshift of Volkswagen. All articles of all Saxomat-Shifters mounted in all vehicles are welcome. With your help, this page will contain information of all vehicles using this technique, not only VWs.

I'll publish your articles on this page with your name and your homepage, if you want me to do so (or not, if you don't want me to publish your name, it's your choice). I'm shure, during restoring your vehicle, you've collected a lot of information and experiences.

Please share your knowledge with the visitors of this homepage. Share it by sending me your technical information, manuals and personal experiences. Thank you :o)


This page was designed to work with all browsers, so it uses for example no Frames or other toys ;o). It was programmed without using an Editor such as Frontpage or something else. It only uses JavaScript to detect your Screen-Resolution and to make the design fit on your monitor. The Webmaster lives in Germany and applies his long-ago school-english to translate this homepage into english. Please forgive him if each sentence contains mistakes.

Please write to my eMail-address (see below), if you're having any problems or just want to tell me something about my homepage. Thank you very much.

Diese Website ist rein privat und vollkommen unabhängig vom Angebot der Volkswagen AG.